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One hundred twenty years ago, people across America fell in love with the name "Hershey's" stamped on a chocolate bar. Since our company was founded, we've been bringing goodness to the world, one smile, one moment and one person at a time—just like our founder, Milton Hershey. Today, The Hershey Company is a global confectionery leader with a footprint that spans countries and cultures around the world—and yet our company is still unified behind a shared vision of Bringing Goodness to the World. We do this through our wide portfolio of iconic brands, our 21,000+ remarkable people and our commitment to helping children in need. Are you someone who wants to help us write the future story of Hershey’s success?

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We have a unique and vibrant culture, and strengthen it with every hire we make

“Being ‘One Hershey’ is about winning together and bringing our whole selves to work each and every day. We value the contributions that each individual brings through our different experiences and backgrounds. We are the sum of our experiences -- and our business and connections to consumers are enriched by it.” - Michele Buck, President & CEO

Working at Hershey is built on agile collaboration with a bias for action, openness to change and building together. If you’re decisive, enjoy smart risk taking and thrive on opportunity, Hershey is the place for you. If you have a desire to give back to your community or communities around the world, you’ll feel right at home here. We believe that success is better when it’s shared.


Pride in what we do

Giving back is not just a speech we recite at company meetings. We live it every day. Our long history of helping our communities stems from our founder, Milton Hershey. His success as a businessman enabled him to make a lasting contribution to society by helping those less fortunate. For nearly a century, the Hershey Trust Company has carried out this mission, administering the Milton Hershey School and serving the community of Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Today, our heritage of helping to prepare children for success in life is carried out through Nourishing Minds, our global commitment to providing basic nutrition for kids in need to help them learn and grow. This work is fueled by the creativity, skills and passion of Hershey employees around the world. We know we can make a meaningful difference by using our unique expertise in food production to help children in need focus on their studies rather than their stomachs.

Diversity at Hershey

The foundation for our vision of global growth is a vibrant, diverse workforce. Our eight Business Resource Groups (BRGs) support every employee around the world with an inclusive work environment. We rely on these groups for finding and developing the kinds of talent, skills, knowledge and cultural awareness that will ensure innovation and success for The Hershey Company into the 21st Century. Hershey’s BRG’s include the Abilities First, African American, Asian, genH(Generations), Latino, Prism (LGBTQ and Allies Affinity Group), Veterans and Women’s group.

Our BRGs:

  • Abilities First
  • African American
  • Asian
  • genH
  • Latino
  • Prism (LGBTQ and Allies Affinity Group)
  • Veterans
  • Women’s


Hershey counts on innovative and collaborative employees to keep us on the leading edge. We reward employees with a highly competitive, market-driven package of compensation, well-being, growth and inclusion.

This is Total Rewards at Hershey.




More than a century ago, Milton Hershey broke ground in Hershey, Pennsylvania, for what was to become the world's largest chocolate factory. Today, Hershey's manufacturing network produces the world's best chocolate and confectionery products for consumers around the globe. We have 14 manufacturing facilities across the Americas and a new factory being opened in Malaysia to support our growth across Asia, the Middle East and Africa. It is an exciting time to join the Hershey Team!


We have over 50 office locations world-wide!  Our Corporate Office is located in Hershey, PA, and the office for Hershey Canada is right outside Toronto.  Hershey Mexico's main office is in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara.   Locations


We are committed to an innovation everywhere mindset – from process to product; back office to brand building. Here’s a few examples of recent innovations we’ve been talking about.



Technology intersects with imagination to make 3-D printed chocolate a reality at Hershey.

3-D printing is a game-changing technology. We understand the exciting future of 3-D printing food, and as a company deeply focused on technology innovation and understanding consumer needs, we took a leadership position in developing 3-D printed chocolate.

Now, we are using 3-D technology to bring our iconic Hershey’s goodness to consumers in one of the most unanticipated and exciting ways.



Hershey Creates the Candy Aisle of the Future

The in-store shopping experience of the future is going to look nothing like it does today. Teams at Hershey are leading the charge for how to reinvent the candy and snacking shopping experience. As a shopper-focused organization, our goal is to wow shoppers.

Recently, we unveiled a brand new candy section with one of our retail partners. Located at the front of the store by the registers, it has a “store within a store” boutique feel. The sweetest part? Tests show that this dramatically different candy aisle is growing retailers’ candy sales.



For the past 100 years, people have known and loved The Hershey Company for a wide range of great-tasting products from HERSHEY’S to REESE’S to TWIZZLERS brands. Chocolate and candy are core to who we are and will always remain the backbone of our business. People are eating differently today. They want more and different snacking options – including more wholesome choices and protein on the go – and they want the foods they love to be made with simple, familiar ingredients.

That’s why Hershey is including a broader range of snacks that bring the delicious tastes people love to more of the products they’re looking for. We’re using the simple ingredients like chocolate, peanuts and almonds and delicious fruits, and combining them in new ways to offer better for you snacking choices.