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Supervisor Technical QA

Posted Date:  May 28, 2024
Requisition Number:  122138




Position Title:

Supervisor Technical QA

Broadband:   1B

Reports to Title:   

Quality Assurance Manager  

Job code:   

Dept / Function:  

Quality Control  

Back up:  Quality Analyst


Summary:  Briefly state the primary purpose of the job. 

Position committed to food safety and quality carrying out activities directly and indirectly designing, developing, obtaining, manufacturing, distributing, and/or selling our products to satisfy our customers and consumers. 


Reviewing and developing procedures to control and ensure quality practices according to the corporate policies and domestic & international regulations in order to make them consistent with established standards.  

Supervising the activities, workload, and responsibilities of the Quality Control Analysts in the Production Processes, auditing the manufacturing processes and procedures to ensure adherence to internal policies and the regulations.   

Leading the interaction between Quality Control department and the other teams of the plant to achieve the objectives of the department and the company.  

Compiling and recording data and preparing records and reports on quality control activities and procedures for the Quality Control Department.

Complete required validation and verifications of the system. (SQF, GFSI, HACCP, RACQP, MCP, SPC, FOOD DEFENSE).  

Lead the interaction between intermediate costumers to identify opportunities of improvement to assure the quality of our products. Performing periodical audits to verify the correct handling of our products and also to correct defects or improve internal processes like packaging, transporting, storing, etc., reducing product returns from our clients. Supervising the good manufacturing practices in order to make them consistent with established standards and policies.  

Back up:  Quality Analyst




Major Duties/Responsibilities:  Identify the major duties/responsibilities of the job.  List the percentage of the incumbent's time that will be spent on each major duty/responsibility.  Total should not exceed 100 percent.  It is not necessary to list duties/responsibilities that represent less than 10 percent of time. 



Time %  

Summary of major duties:  



Supervise and review production records and reports, develop and analyze statistical process controls, make recommendations to implement improved processes, prove the accuracy and efficiency of the updates to the procedures made by the Quality Assurance area, audit the manufacturing processes to ensure the compliance with the corporate and local policies, as well as the Mexican and US regulations.  




Validate, Verify and Monitor the manufacturing processes to document and assure its safety and quality.  

Effectively interact with Production and Development teams to maintain product supply and help introduce new products or changes in current products by:  

             Participating in QDRs 

Reviewing and approving test protocols.  

Participating in production trials.  

Giving recommendations from the quality perspective to improve new processes.  



Dimensions:  Describe the scope of the position in terms of appropriate measures (personnel supervised, budgets, assets, sales, units processed, calls handled, etc.) 



($, Units, Employees)  

Direct Reports  



Minimum knowledge, skills and abilities required to successfully perform major duties/responsibilities:  Include only required physical and/or mental abilities and special criteria (heavy lifting, driver's license requirement, overtime, special work hours, etc.).  Please list only those requirements which are job specific and which will ultimately be necessary for successful job performance. 


  • Second language: English (Fluid)  
  • Knowledge of manufacture operations.  
  • Microbiological risk assessment
  • Familiarity with HACCP.  
  • Experience with statistical sampling plans and trending analyses.  
  • Familiarity with the Standards, GFSI, ISO, BRC, etc.
  • Experience in quality management systems.  
  • Knowledge of process development  
  • Familiarity with quality systems.  
  • Effective communication of technical and nontechnical information at various levels both     internally and externally  




  • Independent leadership over up to 10 direct reports  
  • Develop and edit quality systems  
  • Maintain the highest level of confidentiality.  
  • Ability to adapt to a flexible schedule. The Plant works 24/7 hours.
  • Proficient personal computer skills, including Microsoft Office  
  • Excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills.  
  • Strong writing and speaking English skills. 80%  
  • Strong teamwork skills needed to work with peers on projects and test.  




Minimum Education and Experience Requirements:  Be specific with regard to years of experience, special training, applicable degree (or critical college level courses), as well as equivalency to education and experience.   



Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Chemistry or other relevant discipline  


 6 years minimum (in food industry)  

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