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Accounts Payable Assistant

Posted Date:  Sep 15, 2022
Requisition Number:  115900

Location: Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines


He/She will be responsible for performing and executing the day to day task of Sourcing and Invoice Processing in an efficient and effective manner. He/She will also be responsible for basic issue resolution, communication to different parties and initiate process improvement.

Process Execution

Major Duties and Responsibilities:


  • All processes that he/she will be doing will be in a timely and accurate manner
  • Understand Standard operating procedures (SOP) for all processes including its revision



  • Prepare and create purchase orders based on the approved purchase requisition and complete supporting documents in accordance with the Procurement Policy
  • Download and summarize all open purchase orders and communicate it to business units for resolution
  • Download GR/IR items from the system, classify it to major reasons and communicate it to business unit or vendor for resolution


Invoice Processing

  • Download regular electronic invoices from the fax server so it can interface in SAP
  • Scan invoices for manually received invoices
  • Process all type of invoices such as PO, NPO, High priority invoices and special type of invoices.
  • Download Blocked invoices from the system, classify it to major reasons and communicate it to business unit or vendor for resolution
  • Prepare Accounts payable aging and communicate overdue items to business units for resolution


Records Management

  • Responsible for document filing and retention of Accounts Payable documents such as vendor invoices, expense reports and TP claims processed and paid in compliance with the Corporate Record Retention Policy.
  • Maintains the summary of the filed and archived documents. Updates the records monitoring file which includes the box number, binder number, description of document, year, status, etc. Tracks and updates the database for the borrowed and returned files.


Controls/SLA/KPI/Metrics And Other Reporting Tasks

  • Ensure all SLA/KPI/Metrics applicable to his/her process will be met
  • Consistently execute internal control processes in accordance with the company policies and audit recommendations.
  • Preparation of basic reports such as but not limited to time report, summary of invoices, summary of errors, etc


Vendor/Customer Relationship Management

  • Provides quick turn around feedback to basic internal and external customers' inquiries
  • Develop customer relationship with internal customers and external customers


Adhoc/Other Tasks

He/She is expected to perform other AP related ad hoc roles that may be assigned to him/her in alignment with his immediate superiors


Minimum knowledge, skills and abilities required to successfully perform major duties/responsibilities:

  • Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office Tools such as Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc.
  • Preferably with experience in handling advance accounting systems such as SAP, ORACLE, etc.




Industry Acumen

  • Maintains awareness of business product and services.
  • Maintains awareness of customer's changes andand relate these information in day-to-day situations
  • Maintains awareness of all relevant regulatory and policies appropriate to your industry. Keeps abreast of major changes, as appropriate.


Business Strategy

Maintains awareness of business srategy, product and services. Makes efforts to keep up-to-date on changes.


Customer Centricity

  • Understand customer requirements from their viewpoint.
  • Can regularly communicate with current customers.
  • Provides customer service. Responds to customer needs/requirements in a timely fashion. Actively listens to customer input.


Finance/Accounting Knowledge

Awareness of Bookkeeping and Accounting Rules and Policy, both external and internal (eg. Hershey's Accounting Policy)



Understanding of what Controllership is and how people are held accountable for good Controllership in the business. Be aware of the control environment and its role as a control. Be able to recognize risks and appreciate the function of various controls in the areas of cash management, fraud, and information systems. Identify the key elements of a good account reconciliation.



  • Understand English conversations or group meetings. Communicates message openly and clearly.
  • Know how to compose e-mails in a conversational tone and how to address e-mail messages appropriately and understand the privacy and legal issues surrounding the use of e-mail in today's business environment.
  • open, attentive, and respectful when listening and responding to others


Problem Solving

  • Understand problem and able to quickly solve the problem.
  • Seek constructive resolution of conflict between individuals/team members. Encourages debate among teammates. Manages emotions of self and others during conflict.


Project Management

Executes assigned tasks on time


Quality Oriented

Can finish task accurately and timely. Understand "Lean" process and skills. Diagnoses problems using the analytical approaches of Workout, Lean.


Personal Effectiveness

  • Approaches new challenges with a confident, can-do attitude
  • Demonstrates enthusiasm for opportunities to impact business
  • Effectively manages emotions


Change Management

  • Work with people in different organizations well. Adapt to changing policies and adminstratives procedure. Able to adapt to changing assessments.Ability to bounce back from negative responses and control emotion effectively.
  • Builds acceptance for the change within the team. Works effectively under conditions of uncertainty. Recongnizes the need for change. Applies best practices.


Strategic Thinking

  • Solicits input below and above
  • Communicates timelines realistically



  • Is involved in the tactical aspects to ensure commitments are met
  • Holds regular process checks
  • Displays understanding of how team's work supports long-term goals
  • Continually looks for a faster, more effective way
  • Looks for ways to consistently deliver on time



  • MUST have a Degree in BS Accountancy
  • MUST be a Certified Public Accountant
  • Open to new board passers even without work experience
  • Candidate must be amenable to a shifting work schedule – Morning (8:30am - 5:30pm) Mid Shift (2pm – 11pm) or Night Shift (10pm – 7am) with a maximum of 3 months of night shift annually and HIGHLY competitive night premiums.
  • Kindly note that we are all still working from home with no concrete plans to work onsite within the year.



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